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If You Go On a Trip to Vietnam
Kim Jieun, Reporter  |  ysrest@jj.ac.kr
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My Vietnamese friend, Hoang Son Trang, told me some tips about taking a trip to her country. Let's listen to her.

By Kim Jieun, Reporter

Q. Please tell me about the places you recommend in Vietnam and a good time to visit.

A. The weather in Vietnam is different from the North to the South. The northern part of the
country has four seasons, so it's good to go to the North in the fall. I think October is the best. The South has only one season: summer. Very hot, so it is better to visit between March and April.
Never try from June to August. If you are planning to go to the North, I’d recommend Hanoi, which is good for eating and sightseeing. In Hanoi, you should visit Ta Hien, a beer street, and Lake Hoan Kiem. In the South, it is good to visit Phu Quoc. You can eat delicious seafood there and enjoy playing in the water. Da Nang, a popular tourist destination, is located in central Vietnam.

Q. Is there any local food you would like to recommend?

A. I’d recommend bun moc, banh gio, bun cha, and ga tan. Particularly, bun cha is famous and worth trying. The former U.S. President Obama ate it during his visit in Vietnam. And try bun dau
mam tom in Hanoi, though it may be difficult for foreigners to enjoy the taste of the sauce. If you want a challenge, try trung vit long. It is made of boiled duck eggs just before hatching, and we believe it is good for health.

<Hoang Son Trang’s Tips>
- It is good to study simple Vietnamese before you go on your trip.
- Important items should be carried inside of your body. It’s better to carry a small bag and cover it with clothes.
- There are many motorcycles in Vietnam, so you must be careful when you go on the road. And a city bus in Vietnam is not recommended if you don’t like crowds.
- As for a taxi in Vietnam, I recommend a brand-name taxi. It is safer. I’d recommend Me Lean Taxi, which is green, ABC Taxi, and Group Taxi.
- When you take a taxi, you have to call. That means you should speak Vietnamese or English. If you can’t, I’d recommend Grab Taxi. It is similar to Kakao Taxi in Korea. You can set the destination and it shows the route.
- When you drink bottled water, choose Dasani, Lavic, or Aquafina. Others can cause problems. But there are lots of Aquafina fakes, so be careful.
- Fried foods are not recommended when you try street food. You can get a stomachache because they use their oil for a long time. I don’t think it’s safe.
- If you want some souvenirs for your family and friends, I’d recommend lotus tea and dried fruits.
- When foreigners come to Vietnam, they usually go to Cong Cafe. I prefer Highlands Coffee.

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